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"There was a time when I experienced architecture without thinking about it. Sometimes I can almost feel a particular door handle in my hand, a piece of metal shaped like the back of a spoon. I used to take hold of it when I went into my aunt’s garden. That door handle still seems to me like a special sign of entry into a world of different moods and smells. I remember the sound of the gravel under my feet, the soft gleam of the waxed oak staircase, I can hear the heavy front door closing behind me as I walk along the dark corridor and enter the kitchen, the only really brightly lit room in the house." - Peter Zumthor

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Nomads is a sophisticated apartment located in BerlinGermany.

Its extensive use of charcoal gray give it a mature sense of elegance.

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Conversion of a Chapel in Bern, Switzerland by Morscher Architects | via

In the former Luke Chapel – built in 1924 as a Bernese district church in the Art Deco style and completely disfigured in the 70s – are now built 2 new homes. In order to keep the floor free of supports and receive the light oft he generous church window, the upper apartment was hanged as a concrete box in the two-storey former church.

The once closed south facade could now be opened with generous sash windows and cantilevered balconies to the quarters and to the garden.

Both apartments were equipped with a simple Minergie ventilation, which is perfectly integrated in the interface between living and sleeping spaces and fresh air is introduced by linear diffusers. Where previously the pastor preached at the altar and where the organist played hymns, is now the kitchen – food is cooked and cheerful children’s laughter rings out.

Photography: Dominique Uldry

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